Garden Door.

Garden Door.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich 6/30/2010 Re: Health Insurance

Mike works as a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service. He got hurt on the job in 2008, with no health insurance even though he risks his health and life for his job...OWCP covered the injury and doctor visits...but not before the local Hospital/Clinic in St. Maries turned him in to collections on every single charge...which along with no income...and finally a small amount granted bi monthly...his credit got destroyed. OWCP - which,as you know is Federal Workman's Comp... pays their hurt/off work people only 67% of their BASIC wage which is very little. Wildland firefighters make their money on one would do the job with just the base pay they get - they earn fire pay and overtime which makes it a worthwhile income. But, only 67% of base wage was paid to Mike while he was laid up.

Also, every thing had to be approved by OWCP before he could see a doctor. The local doctor that turned him over to collections instead of billing OWCP correctly, thought Mike needed Carpal Tunnel surgery ---- for a severe shoulder injury?? What? So, getting the approval of OWCP to see another doctor for a second opinion took a very long time. Meanwhile, Mike's pain is getting worse and constant, and probably the shoulder more damaged. Finally he got approval to see a specialist in Coeur d'Alene... Surgery was next..then physical therapy. He's now released to go back to work and working as of just a few weeks ago. He still has pain and fatigue and wonders if he will be able to work on a fire which entails 12-14 hour days, and 14 days straight with no time off...constant extreme physical labor and mostly upper body and arm/shoulder work. He didn't feel ready to go back...but had no choice. They stopped his OWCP benefits the first week of as it was, he was without any money whatsoever for 2 straight months. He had no choice but return to work.

He can't go to a doctor about it, without OWCP approving... He has NO insurance. He doesn't make enough money to pay for insurance. He makes too much most of the year to get medicaid...

It baffles me that someone works this hard, risks health (breathing in smoke), and risks his life doing a great service, but has no health insurance?

Thank you for your time!
Concerned for Mike..
(photo is right a few weeks after his shoulder Mike has cut his hair off for work, again)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I had a dream...A weird dream... March 9,'10, the day son is shipped to Afghanistan.

March 9th 2010 ~ am …

Some small poorish town…
Me, Tracie, Gene, a baby… a man and his girlfriend who was Amber’s mom but acted and resembled Judy Kendall.. Amber was there, too.

Woke up in morning laying in street and I was almost completely under water.gasping for air. a baby next to me, too. The man was sitting on bank like he was contemplating suicide…he was so sad and in deep thought… I asked him where’d all the water came from…He said almost in a smart ass way, like I was dumb, that the river had flooded…

Somehow I ended up in the river and I could not get out…I was being sucked in and could hardly get air… I finally found something to grab onto on the bank…and with all the strength I could muster and great determination, I climbed the bank to safety.

I finally made it to this horrible hug building and saw Tracie there. I knew abt this building from before somehow and I remembered it stunk so badly filth.. Surprisingly, it didn’t seem to stink too much now… someone must have done some cleaning and work there. We were all supposed to draw on this huge paper for the couple – the man and Amber’s sort of mom – cuz it was their anniversary…They had been together for years and years but never married… I started drawing some art on the huge paper as other ladies did, incl. Tracie… I reached down to grab another marker and when I came back up the other ladies had moved the paper so that my art was no longer there and I had no place to draw anymore… I almost got very upset then said oh well. And got up and left the table… I went to another part of the building…a roof outside and saw Tracie sitting there w/ Aiyana… I was feeling very left out and hurt abt her not helping me find a safe place to stay and not seeming to care that I almost drowned. I looked at her and she back at me then she turned away…I wondered why my daughter had turned against me and why didn’t she care abt me anymore? I couldn’t deal with it. I was heartbroken and left that place.

I found another old house which belonged to the couple…it was in dire need of repairs..but it was shelter and I was grateful. They welcomed me w/ food and a place to stay… and I took a shower in a weird bathroom… but felt soooo good to be clean again…it had been days and days since I showered… I was bummed becuz I had to wear my underwear again… Amber was making some play toys for kids at a table and I was very impressed that they were so cool… I told her I could show her many neat things to make once things were settled… I was to have part of the basement as my workroom/gallery…

At some point in the dream I was following Gene and Joe somewhere…seems like thru jungle… I remember thinking how proud I was of son in law, Gene, and thinking we had been close once but that it was all messed up now..He had dissed me so often to his family and I was sooooo hurt that I could never trust or be close again…I thought. I wished it had never happened that way…but it was too late now.

Amber’s mom was wonderful, friendly, happy, cool, and hospitable… Nothing at all like I remember her. She was mean and weird and I thought she treated Amber badly when Amber was a teen… But she had changed and was wonderful..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just for me!!

Finally just for me!

I have always put everyone else in my life first...even when I was a kid being the oldest and mom rarely being there...step dad at work.

Had a couple kids....of course, they have always come first..Quit my career to be home to raise them. Started a Day-Care and ran it for over 18 years. Was a Foster mom for many of those last years. Still me last.

In order for me to be the best person I can be, the best partner, the best pet mom, the best artist, I have to put me first... Not above all others, just at least with them.

Tomorrow is my birthday. This is my present for me. For my life. For my health. For my well-being. ME! Finally, me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

America, Still Today.

I knew there was still racism in America but with the election of President Obama, I thought we had come a long way. We have come forward, yes, but not such a long way as I once thought. Then I thought maybe it was just little towns like the one I live near in northern Idaho - St. Maries - that still lived in the past with racism, fear, hate, holier-than- thou attitude, etc. When I wore my Obama button to town before the election, I was told by my Farmers Ins. lady that she was surprised I hadn't been shot at yet. All I could say is Wow! You're kidding me?! She wasn't. The election of a black President, has brought out all the hidden, ugly, crazy, racism full force. But, it's not just little towns. It's all over America. What a shocker! I'm so dissapointed in this part human race.

I am afraid for our President and his family. There are some crazy people out there with hate and fear just fuming inside of themselves. Just waiting for an excuse to let it out - to lash out at someone - especially a black President, an abortion doctor, a gay person, a non-christian, etc. Something HAS to be done before it's too late. Media HAS to stop fueling this hate and racism. Any corporation or any one that puts profits ahead of human life and safety, should be charged with domestic terrorism or something if someone gets hurt or killed because of it.

In the meantime, while we compassionate and caring human beings continue to fight for what is right and decent for all, we can't let the hate and anger get to us. We can't. Otherwise, we are no better than the crazies. We have to educate all we can about what is really true with the Fox News types, the Glenn Beck types, the Michelle Malkin types. The poor ignorant people that believe those types of people that are spreading and fueling poison, might actually change their minds IF they had access to the truth. We have to keep leading them to it. It really could be a matter of life and death.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life has been exceptionally great lately!

Mike and I went to a memorial in Orofino, where Mike was born and raised as his father was. His granfather homesteaded the place before that. We enjoyed it so much. What a great bunch of relatives he has. There are a couple of religious ones that are annoying to a degree, but tolerable.

I didn't get any pictures.....have no idea why. Maybe I can borrow some from his relatives.

Went to Kootenai Co Humane Society highend fundraiser last night (they don't euthanize - yay!) a@Beverly & Dr. Berger's lake home via cruise boat. Coming off the boat, Beverly grabbed Mike & I & took us into her home (which was off limits) to show us the 2 mosaic'd window art pieces she had bought before - one from a gallery & one from me last year @Taste of CDA. She won the piece I donated! Went for $650. YorkNot bad for an unknown artists work! It was a succes & much money was made to help the animals including some $ for much needed veterinary equip! Could see some effects of economy but all in all it went very well. I donate to this casue every year & will always. So many caring & compassionate ppl in Coeur d'alene & nearby areas! Proud to be a part of that! Beverly has 3 pcs so far and I am hoping to fill her 15,000 sq. foot, plus (just guessing) with many more pieces of mine! Bliss! I am so honored to have my art in such a magnificent home owned by wonderful, giving people.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid Week, Mid July 09

It's a nice summer day today after a couple of days of good rain, thunder storms, and lightning!
Mike and I did our yoga, hiked up the mountain trail that Mike built with Magoo~our cat, Sox~our Akita mix. Shilo, our old lady grouchy dog but still sweet, didn't make it far before she turned around and headed home.
Now, after a nice day of working on a Sunflower mosaic window, we're having dinner ~ BBQ'd steaks, couscous, & a lettuce & arugula salad.
Tomorrow Mike gets to (hopefully) finally find out why he has such debilitating pain in his shoulder & now in his neck and reaching to the other shoulder. We don't like the doctor much because he just isn't taking this seriously and seems to have a very big ego! But, we'll see.
Going to a memorial soon and will be meeting some of Mike's family for the first time. We are looking forward to it.

Life is good and just keeps getting better!